A Fiscal Map of Expanded Learning Time (The After-School Corporation)

Budgetary times are tough, but the need to help struggling schools deliver on the promise of public education can’t wait. Expanding the time and ways students learn by expanding the school day is a promising approach to preparing them to thrive in a world of constant change. To expand the learning day and achieve educational equity within our nation’s educational system, schools and their community partners need adequate and accessible resources. They also need to know where to find them.

TASC developed this fiscal map, analysis and set of policy recommendations in an effort to 1) show how many sources of funding schools and community partners can bring to expanded learning approaches—29 at the federal level alone—and, 2) highlight for policymakers who control one or more of these funding streams just how complex this picture is. We encourage leaders to consider how to better align ever-shrinking resources to enable school/community expanded learning efforts to be scaled and sustained.


1-24-12 file_Fiscal_Map_for_ELT

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