The ACT Skills Framework and its Application in Youth Sport [Executive Summary] (Wheelock Aspire Institute & Boston Beyond)

If you have positive memories of youth soccer practice, old friends from little-league, or dusty, rusted trophies from high school track, you may not need any further evidence that sport is an excellent opportunity to shape youth in powerful and productive ways. However, our experiences and observations provide only anecdotal evidence that youth sports can promote healthy development. A growing body of research on youth sports augments personal experience, and provides a better understanding of the process by which sport can have a positive impact on young people. This summary showcases ways in which sports programs provide  opportunities to address each of the three ACT domains, highlighting a selection of skills from the framework.

Click below to download an Executive Summary of the report, which will be released in its entirety in early 2013.


  1. Nancy Latham says

    Hello BASB! I’m interested in reading the full report (The ACT Skills Framework and its Application in Youth Sport), and your site says that the report was to be released early 2013, but it’s not on your site and I can’t find it anywhere on the web! Will it be posted to the BASB site? Thank you!

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