Boston Learns Together


Dear Colleague,


I am pleased to announce Boston Learns Together, a coalition committed to creating new opportunities for young people by enhancing partnerships among Boston’s exceptional array of organizations — public, private and nonprofit.

The Boston Learns Together principles are a call to action for elected and appointed leaders, businesses, colleges and universities, cultural institutions, and community partners to come together to ensure that every young person in Boston has the opportunity to access the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to thrive in school, college, work, and life.

Our principles:

  • Every young person growing up in the city of Boston deserves opportunities to succeed.
  • In order to bring equity of opportunity to all of Boston’s young people, we must expand our ideas about what learning means—including when, how and with whom it happens.
  • We will only address the opportunity gap when we make learning everyone’s business.

The organizations that have endorsed Boston Learns Together exemplify these principles and offer helpful examples for how to close the opportunity and achievement gaps in Boston.  All are committed to collaborating with the City’s new leadership and to:

  • Bring our resources to bear in achieving the goals described in these principles.
  • Share responsibility for addressing opportunity gaps.
  • Share accountability with schools for results.
  • Work with the leadership of the city in order to put these principles into practice across Boston.

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Chris Smith, Executive Director, Boston After School & Beyond

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