About BYSI



Children and youth who participate in well-implemented programs and activities outside of school are poised to stay enrolled longer and perform better in school than their peers who do not attend such programs.

~Expanded Learning Opportunities: Pathways to Student Success, Priscilla Little (Harvard Family Research Project)


The purpose of the Boston Youth Sports Initiative (BYSI) is to promote youth sports as a positive youth development and physical fitness approach through network building. The BYSI was created for the network of providers and supporters of youth sports all over the city. The mission of the BYSI is to promote youth sports as a positive youth development and physical fitness approach. Working with and for Boston’s urban youth sports programs and supporters, the BYSI encourages, strengthens, and builds network connections, with the goals of improved information sharing, quality, scale and sustainability in the sector.

Over the past six years BYSI has supported the network of youth sports providers in Boston by building relationships, sharing knowledge, and connecting resources. The lessons from this work, combined with a body of national research findings, leads us to the theory that positive outcomes of youth sports programs can be enhanced by leveraging and coordinating efforts around standards for service delivery. The development and dissemination of quality standards and program availability are critical factors that are lacking in the sector.  As a result, gaps in access to youth sports persist, particularly for girls (who participate at half the rate of boys in Boston, Play Across Boston, 1998), low-income, African American, and Hispanic youth.  Similarly, neighborhoods do not share equitable resources for youth sports.

This website is designed to give youth sport programs and supporters access to the support, funding and connections needed to best serve Boston’s youth.



Please contact Isabella Biedenharn at ibiedenharn@bostonbeyond.org.