The Achieve, Connect, Thrive Framework: A practical approach for teen-serving organizations to focus on building skills for success


This paper, written by Deputy Director Louise Harland, describes our approach to developing and measuring skills, and features a recent project with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative to help teens be more intentional about developing skills. This article was produced thanks to support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, as part of the Expanded Learning & Afterschool Project, in partnership with the Collaborative for Building After School Systems. To learn more about the project, … [Read more...]

The ACT Skills Framework and its Application in Youth Sport [Executive Summary] (Wheelock Aspire Institute & Boston Beyond)


If you have positive memories of youth soccer practice, old friends from little-league, or dusty, rusted trophies from high school track, you may not need any further evidence that sport is an excellent opportunity to shape youth in powerful and productive ways. However, our experiences and observations provide only anecdotal evidence that youth sports can promote healthy development. A growing body of research on youth sports augments personal experience, and provides a better understanding of the process by which sport can have a positive … [Read more...]