Click2Science: Online Professional Development for Out-of-School Providers


Click2Science is a free, interactive, professional development site for trainers, coaches, site directors and frontline staff & volunteers working in out-of-school time programs. Developed by the University of Nebraska Lincoln and the Noyce Foundation, its foundation is that it takes "20 Skills to Make STEM Click"-- those skills that are necessary to implement science effectively in out-of-school time settings. By focusing on developing these skills, as opposed to content expertise, anyone can become an outstanding STEM … [Read more...]

How Cross-Sector Collaborations are Advancing STEM Learning

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STEM learning ecosystems harness unique contributions of educators, policymakers, families, and others in symbiosis toward a comprehensive vision of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for all children. This 2014 working paper published by the Noyce Foundation describes the attributes and strategies of 15 leading ecosystem efforts throughout the country with the hope that others may use their lessons to deepen rich STEM learning for many more of America’s children. How Cross-Sector Collaborations are Advancing STEM … [Read more...]

STEM Funding Brief (Afterschool Alliance & Noyce Foundation)


The need for competency in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills is not only increasingly important for success in the workforce but also to navigate the modern world and to make decisions that will inform public policy. In response to this need and to maintain the United States’ global competitiveness, the federal government as well as private philanthropies and corporations are increasingly investing in a variety of STEM education initiatives. … [Read more...]