Collective Ideas to Collective Impact: A Guide to Data Collaboration in Communities

When organizations within a community come together to address specific social problems, it is defined as Collective Impact. A Collective Impact initiative means setting community-wide goals and carefully coordinating program strategies in an attempt to produce a positive, long-lasting impact that no single organization could achieve on its own.

The shared collection and use of data is central to Collective Impact efforts, but can be one of the most difficult steps to accomplish. Collective Ideas to Collective Impact, a new, FREE guide produced by nFocus Solutions™, taps the experience of successful community-wide initiatives in Boston and Omaha to provide local officials, schools district leaders, nonprofit directors and funders with concrete advice about successfully planning, developing, launching and using a collaborative data system. The Guide includes tips on setting goals, deciding what to measure, securing funding and defining roles and responsibilities, selecting a technology provider, the importance of training and support, as well as how to make the most of the data collected to ensure the program’s sustainability and ability to evolve over time. Both online and in print, helpful Tools and Resources are available as part of the Guide to help organizations looking to bring a Collective Impact initiative to life.

Click here to download the Guide for free and to access the Tools online.

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