Database Connecting Physical Activity and Obesity

A new resource is available for sports-based organizations wanting to draw a connection between youth physical activity and impact on obesity.Active Living Research, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has a primary goal to support and share research on environmental and policy strategies that can promote daily physical activity for children and families across the United States. To support this goal the ALR has created an online literature database featuring papers that study the relationship of environment and policy with physical activity and obesity. The searchable database provides detailed information on study characteristics and results accessible to all and provides resources for research and policy debates.

The inclusion criteria for papers into database are as follows:

* Quantitative studies (observational or experimental) that include statistical tests in study results
* Observational studies with environmental variables as predictors, and physical activities, obesity or sedentary behaviors as outcomes
* Experimental studies with environmental changes as the interventions, and physical activities, obesity or sedentary behaviors as outcomes

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