Achieve-Connect-Thrive (ACT) Skills Framework

The Achieve, Connect, Thrive (ACT) Skills Framework displays the skills that evidence suggests students need in order to succeed in school, college, and careers.  The skills are the focus of leading after-school and summer learning programs.  Boston After School & Beyond is organizing several projects to demonstrate ACT in action. Commissioned by the Mayor, the Boston Public Schools, Boston After School & Beyond, and the United Way, with the support of The Wallace Foundation, the framework provides a common vocabulary to bridge education and youth development, as well as school, after-school and summer learning.  Increasingly, framework acts as a guide to help youth programs articulate outcomes and how they are measured.





The Achieve, Connect, Thrive FrameworkThe ACT Skills Framework and its Application in Youth Sport Achieving-Connecting-Thriving SkillsACT Results FrameworkACT Tools and Assessment FrameworkMay 2005 After School FrameworkScience of LearningResults of the Framework Focus Group Study
This paper, written by Deputy Director Louise Harland, describes our approach to developing and measuring skills, and features a recent project with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative to help teens be more intentional about developing skills. Click here to read more and to download the report
If you have positive memories of youth soccer practice, old friends from little-league, or dusty, rusted trophies from high school track, you may not need any further evidence that sport is an excellent opportunity to shape youth in powerful and productive ways.   Click here to read more and to download the report
This is a compilation of skills appropriate to the achieving-connecting-thriving domains.  Click here to read and download the report
This document presents the Achieving-Connecting-Thriving framework, intermediate and long term outcomes associated with each domain, and tools for measuring the outcomes.

Click here to read and download the report