National Summer Learning Day 2013

 June 21, 2013

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Today, June 21, is National Summer Learning Day.  This newsletter is dedicated to the people who make summer learning happen.

Boston After School & Beyond is proud to be part of a national movement that is exploring how the summer months can provide life changing learning experiences that help young people thrive.  Summer learning isn’t just for kids.  Principals, teachers, schools nonprofits, foundations, and researchers are learning together, too.


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Chris Smith


 Picture5 (1).jpg Summer Learning Heats Up! 

Boston is home to hundreds of summer programs that take place in different locations across Boston’s neighborhoods.  Check out the variety on Boston Navigator.  For example, you can search for summer programs focus on a huge range of activities and themes, including performing artscollege readinesspaid employment, and media and technology.  Let others know about your experiences in programs by writing a review.

Learning Together

The Boston Summer Learning Project partners—51 schools and 17 community partners serving 1,600 students at 28 sites – are tackling big issues together.  From third-grade reading proficiency to high school graduation to college readiness, they are building on research-based practices, finding new ways to engage students in learning.  Learn more about their approaches to link a common core of knowledge, skills, and experiences through summer learning.

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Different Approaches, Common Measures

You show know about these 12 organizations: Ann’s Christian Learning CenterBoston Center for the Arts,Community Music Center of BostonCourageous Sailing,Crossroads for KidsLaboure CenterHorizons at Dedham Country Day SchoolThe Learning ProjectMIT Office of Engineering OutreachPhillips Brooks House AssociationSteppingstone Foundation, and Sportsmen’s Tennis and Enrichment Center.


Why?  They have stepped up to the plate to be part of a network focused on getting better season after season, year after year.  By using the same youth survey and agreeing to a program observation, these organizations are demonstrating their commitment to making their programs the best they can be for Boston’s young people.

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Three Resources on Summer Learning


A special thanks to our partners that are funding programs, innovation and research in summer learning:

Barr Foundation, The Boston Foundation, Boston Public Schools, Boston Opportunity Agenda, Boston Rising, Charles Hayden Foundation, Klarman Family Foundation, Kraft Family Foundation, National Summer Learning Association, Nellie Mae Education Foundation, and The Wallace Foundation