Partnership Council Reports on Progress, Plans for 2013

Logos for SignOn Tuesday, December 18th, Boston After School & Beyond convened aPartnership Council year-end meeting and holiday reception to celebrate accomplishments in 2012 and collectively set goals for 2013. Over 100 people were in attendance representing dozens of organizations.

Amy Ryan, President of the Boston Public Library, welcomed the crowd, and Chris Smith, Executive Director of Boston After School & Beyond, set the context with the charge of the Partnership Council – to enable cross-support for citywide strategies that help all of Boston’s youth reach their full potential from kindergarten through college and beyond.

Partnership Council co-chairs Judith Kurland, Executive Director of UMass Boston’s Center for Community Democracy and Democratic Literacy, and Rahn Dorsey, Evaluation Director of the Barr Foundation, shared the history of the group, which was appointed by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino in 2010. They also explained the core activities of the council through its working group structure; six cross-sector working groups meet regularly to drive tangible action in a variety of policy and programming areas related to youth in Boston. City of Boston Chief of Advocacy and Strategic Investment Marie St. Fleur offered remarks on behalf of the Mayor, stressing his continued commitment to Boston’s youth and the organizations that serve them.

After a video about one student’s transformational summer experience, Boston Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Carol Johnson gave a keynote in which she addressed the critical importance of partners in providing students with the supports they need to succeed. Particularly in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, she described the importance of “building a circle around our young people.” Coming from a school visit during which students shared their career aspirations, Dr. Johnson spoke of the role partners play in cultivating student interests and giving them hands-on experiences. Finally, she announced two BPS leaders recently named to new posts: Melissa Partridge as Director of Extended Learning and Jonathan Sproul as Director of Institutional Advancement and Partnerships.

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Superintendent Johnson gives her keynote address.

Representatives from each of the six working groups described the progress made in 2012 and identified goals for 2013.



Rahn Dorsey discussed the group’s efforts to capture and close gaps in access to quality summer opportunities.



Partnering with Schools

Kristin McSwain of the Boston Opportunity Agenda gave the update for this group, which is focused on defining and supporting the conditions that result in successful school partnerships, as well as generating tools and resources to support partnerships at the school and district levels.



Achieve, Connect, Thrive Framework

Louise Harland of Boston After School & Beyond, Denise Gonsalves of Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, and sports consultant Diana Cutaia highlighted the latest work around the Achieve, Connect, Thrive framework, which is being used to help youth identify and build their own skills, among other innovative uses. They also previewed a report on ACT as it relates to youth sport.



Denise Gonsalves shares how teens at Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative translated the Achieve, Connect, Thrive Framework into terms that applied directly to their own lives, work, and schoolwork.



STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)

Peg Sprague of United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley and Neil Sullivan of the Boston Private Industry Council co-chair the Boston STEM Network, which works to build a pipeline of students ready to enter the STEM career force.


Peg Sprague and Neil Sullivan discuss the work of the Boston STEM Network.



Working with Teens & Older Youth

Phil Jackson of Boston After School & Beyond, Robbie Chisholm of Boston Public Schools, and Ruth Mercado-Zizzo of EdVestors updated the rest of the Council on the Working with Teens group’s progress.  The group is working to build strategic partnerships between the Boston Public Schools and community organizations, and is making headway exploring potential credit-bearing opportunities in three elective areas.  A pilot credit-bearing partnership is set to take place in early 2013.

Robbie Chisholm discusses the credit-bearing work in the department of social studies at BPS.


Data & Measurement

Maura Boyce of Boston After School & Beyond and Mike Dennehy of Upward Bound at Boston University explained Community Server, which will provide enrollment and attendance information for youth participating in OST programs.  This information will help inform city-wide strategies and support of OST programming, identify gaps in programming in the city, and better align programming with one another and in schools.  A pilot group will launch the system in the winter for a trial run with BCYF.  The role of the work group is to share best practices in data collection and management, to support program partnerships, and to discuss programming pipelines for youth.

Mike Dennehy explains the functions and benefits Community Server will have for the city of Boston.


The audience watches the Summer Learning Project 2012 Video, featuring the Freedom House – Burke High School – Boston PIC partnership.




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