SLP 2014 Update 3: Local Partnerships, National Impact

Shaping the Summer Learning Field
Boston Public Schools and Boston After School & Beyond co-manage the Boston Summer Learning Project (SLP), offering high-quality summer learning opportunities across 18 sites.  Of these 18 sites, 10 participate in a multi-year, five-city national study on summer learning, shaping the national landscape for summer programming.  Commissioned by The Wallace Foundation and evaluated by the RAND Corporation, the national study seeks to assess the effect of multi-year summer learning programs.  This study will examine summer learning’s impact on closing the achievement gap between low- and higher-income children (see Getting to Work on Summer Learning).  Now in its fourth summer, the national study is gathering crucial data on student academic attainment, skill growth and program quality.

meghanSite Spotlight: Tenacity-BPS

Imagine creating your own sport, writing the rule book and coaching others to play. Incoming 5th graders at the Tenacity-Boston Public Schools (BPS) site at the McKay K-8 School create their own games as part of the site’s “Sports and Society” theme. This is the site’s fourth year of participation in the Summer Learning Project and the national study.  Each student will write and illustrate a book covering their favorite sport or one created over the 5-week summer session. BPS teachers help students hone their writing, and a professional illustrator recently visited to help craft book illustrations. Outside the classroom, students play sports (including tennis, basketball, and soccer), and devise their own games.

Tenacity developed a new enrichment curriculum based on lessons learned from the national study. To drive program quality, the enrichment curriculum focuses on student-led skill building opportunities intentionally tied to the sports and society themes covered in ELA and math. Students work in teams to analyze sporting rules, ask questions of each other, and create new games together. Students test the new games, debrief them, and implement improvements. The results are two-fold: active, engaged learners and cool new sports!

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