SLP 2014 Update 7: Reflecting on 5 years of summer learning success

 August 22, 2014 | Summer Learning Update #7
Thank you for making Boston a national leader in summer learning

Our collective efforts over the past five years have pushed Boston to the forefront of summer learning nationally. Through the Boston Summer Learning Project, we leverage summer as a time to help students build knowledge, skills, and experiences for success. Together, we have demonstrated how to expand learning beyond the traditional confines of the school year:

  • Targeting young people who require individualized approaches to learning. School-community partnerships integrate academics, skill development, and enrichment to benefit students who need it the most. From English language learners to middle school adolescents to “in school” dropouts, this approach engages schools and partners in serving those who are often left behind.
  • Using the city as a classroom. College campuses, workplaces, the Harbor Islands, and neighborhood and cultural institutions host students and play a strategic role in their learning and development.
  • Adopting common measures for program quality improvement and accountability.  Research, measurement, and practice inform one another so that teachers and program leaders across a network of sites can improve together.
  • Building on the research base to inform public and private investment. Later this year, The Wallace Foundation and RAND Corporation will release findings from their national study on the effects of summer learning. Boston was one of five cities studied in this randomized controlled trial–the most comprehensive study ever on summer learning.


Private funders who support this work alongside the City of Boston and the Boston Public Schools are redefining the summer months as an opportunity to shape long-term student success. They are also helping thousands of students bridge the gap between academic years, enabling them to return to school motivated and ready to learn. We are grateful for their leadership, collaboration, and support as another summer draws to a close and planning for summer 2015 begins.


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