What’s something new you’ve learned while here?

Coding. [My teacher] showed us how to do coding, and I just got the hang of it. The rest of the class was struggling but I actually knew what was going on.

Is there anything else you really like about coming here?

At my school they don’t have afterschool, so every time I do afterschool here, it’s pretty fun, I get to go swimming again.

School: Roxbury Prep Dorchester

What is something you’ve learned here that’s going to make you a better student when you go back to school?

I’ve learned a lot, I’ve been here since the sixth grade, and I’ve taken a lot of classes. So I’ve learned chemistry and different kinds of math: trigonometry, calculus, pre-calculus. I always learn what I’m going to study in the next year, so if I’m going to take trigonometry next year, I’ll take trigonometry in the summer. When I start it in the school year I’ll already have the basics before everyone else.

How has this program impacted how you think about your future plans?

It’s made me feel like schoolwork isn’t that hard. If I’m taking classes in the summer and taking classes in the school year, when I go to college I know I’ll be prepared.

What is something you’ve learned here that’s going to make you a better student when you go back to school?

Math. I didn’t really understand how to do division at first and how to multiply a fraction with the denominator. But now I know how to do them better.

What is something new you’ve gotten to do here?

Something new I’ve gotten to do here is baking bread and going to different kinds of places that I haven’t seen before, like Thompson Island.

School: Dever

What have you learned here that will make you a better student when you go back to school in the fall?

My voice matters.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve gotten to do here?

The most interesting thing I’ve gotten to do here is partner up with Spanish-speaking students. They don’t speak English that well yet since they’ve only been here for a month or two. We partner up with them every Thursday. This summer, we’ve made empanadas and cooked together. Tomorrow we’re going to dance with them, and they’re gonna teach us salsa.

School: TechBoston

What is the most difficult thing you’ve done here and how have you pushed through it?

I wasn’t a good swimmer when I first came to camp but then eventually I became pretty good. I can float on my back, and it’s a lot easier for me to swim now.

What have you learned here that will make you a better student when you go back to school in the fall?

Here in math we’re studying different ways to do division and in school I was horrible at division. So that’s probably going to help me when I get back to school.

School: Russell Elementary

What’s the most interesting thing you got to do while at this program?

Working on a resume because I know that’s very important for my future. It’s not something I thought about at the time, but it’s very helpful right now for getting jobs. Also, the high school transition class in general is very helpful. I don’t think I would have even thought about going to a private school if I didn’t have that class.

School: Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve gotten to do here?

During my first summer, I got to dissect a sheep brain.

What have you learned at this program that makes you a better student?

I learned how to open up to a different environment and meet new people that are from different backgrounds. Also I learned how to work on my organization skills because I have a lot of stuff to do.

School: Cathedral High School

Why do you like coming to this program?

I like coming here mostly because there’s nice teachers, I get educated, so then I don’t have to try to struggle in school like I did in first grade. I also get good grades.

School: Mather Elementary School

What different things do you learn here that you don’t get to learn about in school?

Here I learned that you can have fun in the places that you don’t really expect. Last year, I thought: “Okay, it’s in the middle of the forest, and we might just go hiking.” And then I got here and realized: “Oh wow, there’s a swimming place, there’s an archery place, there’s ropes, and you can go climbing on trees.” It’s awesome, oh my goodness! I just got excited because I don’t really get to do those things at school.

School: Russell Elementary


Why is summer learning important for your child?

The program is important because we just arrived in this country from the Dominican Republic, so this program is helping to ease that transition. She’s making a lot of new friends, and she’s improving in English.

How does this program differ from your child’s regular school?

The program provides more one-on-one support. What she doesn’t learn in school, she learns here at a faster pace. My daughter looks forward to coming here because of the staff.

What would your child be doing if he wasn’t in this program?

She would just be at home doing nothing.

Daughter’s school: Blackstone

Why is summer learning important for your child?

I feel it’s important because, as we all know, most kids forget everything they’ve learned in the school year over the summer. I definitely like this program because it keeps the math and science fresh in their brain so when they start the new school year, it’s still very fresh.

Have you noticed any changes in your child since he started this program?

She’s more confident, I’ve noticed, even with reading. Before, she would never read to me, but over the summer she’s been reading a lot to her brother and to me.

Daughter’s school: Warren Prescott

Why is summer learning important for your children?

Because they learn a lot, they enjoy being with other kids, and continue improving in math and science.

What has been your child’s favorite activity?

[Geraldo: Sailing! Sailing! Sailing!] Sailing, swimming, they come home excited to share what they’ve learned.

How has this program helped you as a parent?

I go to work relaxed. I don’t have to bring them to my mother’s house or my brother’s house. The kids are happy, so I’m happy too. It’s an amazing program.

Sons’ school: Warren Prescott


Why is summer learning important for students?

Summer learning is important for students because there is a big regression from when kids leave school in June to when they come back in September. They really need to be practicing every single day to maintain what they’ve learned and to come into September really prepared.

What new skills, strategies, tools, or experiences will you take back to your classroom?

It’s really cool being able to share what I’ve learned at the zoo to the students and incorporate some of that knowledge into their learning. Also when we schedule field trips, and we come to the zoo with my second graders, I’m able to share a little more background information han a typical teacher would because of my summer experiences.

What new skills and strategies will you bring back to your classroom in the fall?

More group projects. We did a lot of group projects here with the kids over the summer, and I think it’s really beneficial for them in the long run in terms of social skills and academics. So I’m going to really try to bring that piece to my classroom in the fall.

What’s your favorite thing about this program?

We have a great group of teachers, and we have great peer leaders from the teenagers in this community. This building is a great facility, there’s a lot of people here that are really helpful. So it’s a great collaborative place to come to teach.

Why is summer learning important for students?

Because they learn a lot, they enjoy being with other kids, and continue improving in math and science.

A lot of times children lose some of the learning that they have in the middle of the year. When summer comes around, like anything, you lose it if you don’t use it. So it’s important to have some sort of safety net to keep kids informed and to keep them still interested in school.

Why is summer learning important for students?

For a number of reasons: one of them being that the kids get to learn all summer so they don’t regress. At Courageous [Sailing], the kids actually learn a lot more science, math, and things that we don’t always have time to get to l during the school year. Not only do they not lose what they learned during the school year, but they gain a lot of knowledge of specific science over the summer.