[VIDEO] 2015 Summer Learning Project: Hale Reservation

Hale Reservation just finished its fifth year as a Summer Learning Project site — one of 16 programs participating in a joint effort to reverse summer learning loss for need-need students and to improve the skills associated with success in school, college, and careers. This summer, Hale Reservation’s Camp HOLA (Hale Outdoor Learning Adventures) served 80 BPS students entering 4th and 5th grades. The site features, on average, three hours per day of academic instruction in ELA and math and enrichment activities such as archery, boating, swimming, and hiking. Certified academic teachers and enrichment staff collaborate to co-deliver programming.

Program goals are to reverse summer learning loss in ELA and math and help students develop their critical thinking, relationships, perseverance, and self-regulation. The site’s guiding essential question this summer was: What can be discovered when you’re outside (both in nature and in your comfort zone)?


As evidenced in this year’s feature video, Camp HOLA’s approach manifests itself through: the site’s focus on hands-on learning; a challenge-by-choice model where students intentionally stretch their comfort zone to grow; an emphasis on developing a community of learners in which adults and peers support each other in their shared experience; and collaboration among teachers and staff to ensure academic and enrichment content is seamlessly integrated.

Many thanks to Casey Atkins, Boston Public Schools, and Hale Reservation staff for helping to drive the content of the video.