Boston After School & Beyond has piloted a citywide database using the platform, a product of Cityspan. This database facilitates the sharing and reporting of program data to better serve community-based organizations, school partners, and funders.

The database allows program providers to record student information, track attendance, and add survey and assessment results. This information can then be accessed by the provider to generate reports.

How it helps programs:

1) is a state-of-the-art system for tracking participant data, including attendance, assessments, and demographics. Data can be transferred into if it is already stored in a separate, compatible database.

2) This uniform system facilitates reporting for programming purposes and for benchmarking programs against others. Custom reports can be produced to best serve program, school, and citywide needs.

3) This database will help build a uniform out-of-school-time system for reporting to the City, partnering with BPS, and for program providers to communicate their results with partners and funders. Reports can be generated for individual sites, across programs, and across the city.

4) The database supports digital badging, which Boston Beyond and its partners are exploring.

We are continuing to develop Boston Beyond’s database and welcome any provider input as we develop this system.


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