5th Quarter of Learning Launched for the Summer

On June 14 at the Harvard-Kent Elementary School, education leaders and policymakers announced the beginning of this year’s “5th quarter of learning,” a public-private partnership that provides engaging learning opportunities to students throughout Boston during the summer months.

“The entire Boston Summer Learning Community is working hard to make these programs even better and reach more students in more of our neighborhoods,” said the Mayor.

“Learning should replicate real life. Rich learning occurs in summer,” said Superintendent Chang. “I’m proud Boston is a leader in summer learning nationally.”

Alexandra Oliver-Davila of Sociedad Latina and the Boston School Committee and Principal Jason Gallagher of the Harvard-Kent Elementary School also voiced their support for these efforts.

“What makes the 5th quarter of learning so compelling to me is to see these two worlds work together in such a coordinated and impactful way – non-profits and schools collaborating in summer to advance student academic and social-emotional learning,” Ms. Oliver-Davila stated.

“The 5th Quarter is when the city comes alive for learning,” said Chris Smith, Boston After School & Beyond’s Executive Director. “These summer efforts are a credit to the hundreds of teachers and community educators who work together to serve students.”

Students at the Harvard-Kent participate in a variety of summer learning experiences, including in partnership with Courageous Sailing, Boston Centers for Youth and Families, and Mass General Hospital.


Efforts to expand summer learning to more students are ongoing. “Two years ago we set this ambitious goal of having 10,000 students in 100 programs by 2017. We reached that milestone a year ahead of time,” the Mayor said. “We want more kids in Massachusetts to have this opportunity as well. That’s why I’m supporting the legislation that would expand the 5th quarter model statewide.”

For more information about this summer’s 5th quarter initiative: