A Letter from Superintendent Carol Johnson to the Summer Learning Project staff

Dear Summer Learning staff,

Thank you for giving so many of our students wonderful summer learning experiences that exposed them to new ideas, people, and places, and supported them in discovering their strengths.

Much has been written about the problem of summer learning loss, and about the additional risks many students find themselves exposed to during the summer months.  Your dedication means that 1,600 of our students, many of whom had no other summer activities available, were able to spend their summer in safe and supportive places, developing their skills and learning in new and creative ways. These students will enter the new school year ready, able and excited to learn.

I have been fortunate to visit some of the 23 summer learning sites this year, and hugely enjoyed seeing you and your students working together. I was impressed by the innovation I witnessed, the collaboration I saw between teachers and non-profit staff, and the dedication you all display toward our students. The clear enjoyment and enthusiasm of the students I met was a direct testament to your great work.

It is my hope that the partnerships fostered during the summer, the interests that have been sparked and the relationships formed between both students and adults continue as sources of excitement, encouragement and support during the school year ahead.

Thank you once again for your tireless work,


Carol R. Johnson