Boston Beyond Badging Initiative

To recognize your growth in social-emotional skills and empower you to share progress with others.

What is a badge?

A digital badge represents your accomplishment in a specific skill: Critical Thinking, Communication, Perseverance, or Teamwork. These skills were picked because we know through research and employer feedback that they are important to success.

Students can always find their earned badges on our badge website.

How can you earn a badge?

You earn a badge at an after-school or summer program that participates in Boston After School & Beyond’s skill badging initiative. The program picks which skill to focus on. The program staff will rate how often you show these skills at the program. You also work on a project to demonstrate skill growth.

What can I do with the badge?

You can share the badge and talk about it in job interviews, college applications, your portfolio… wherever you need to show others that you’ve worked on this skill!

The Badging Process

1. Choose Your Skill

Pick which skill your program will focus on: Critical Thinking, Communication, Perseverance, or Teamwork.

2. Organize a Project

Organize a project for students that will lead to evidence of skill growth.

3. Intro Session

Work with Boston Beyond to hold an Intro to Skill Badging session with the students.

4. Complete Surveys

Complete pre- and post- surveys for each student, measuring their skill growth.

Boston Beyond will issue badges based on the criteria.