Learning continues beyond school hours.

Boston Beyond coordinates a citywide network of school and community providers offering fun, safe places for kids to learn after school. The Boston Public Schools is one of our core partners. Together, we’ve expanded high-quality after-school offerings for our city.

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Boston Beyond’s network operates high-quality, free and low-cost after-school programs in every neighborhood. Browse network offerings and discover the right program for your student.





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After-school matters.

The after-school hours represent a tremendous opportunity for students to extend on what they learn in school, build critical skills, and develop socially and emotionally.

Students who participate in evidence-based after-school programs show improved school attendance, greater engagement in learning, and improved graduation rates (Huang et. al, 2008).

Students from low-income families who are most at-risk experience the greatest gains (Vandell et al, 2007).

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If your child is enrolled in a school that located in the city of Boston or attends a METCO program, they are likely eligible for one or more of our network’s programs. Individual program eligibility requirements vary, so you should check the individual websites of programs that match your needs.

All after-school programs in the Boston Beyond network are free or low-cost to students and their families. These high-quality programs are paid for through public funds and grants to ensure open access to children from all economic backgrounds.

Each program operates its own application process. Search the database above and then visit the websites of the programs that interest you to sign up.