Afterschool Videos: Bring the Experts Home!

National experts can help you make the case for your community’s investment in afterschool and afterschool systems.  In two new six-minute videos from The Wallace Foundation, field leaders discuss the need for afterschool, the potential benefits, and the advantages and key points of citywide afterschool coordination.

“Afterschool: Hours of Opportunity”


  • Robert Balfanz (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Jonathan Bryce (Baltimore City Public Schools)
  • Carla Sanger (LA’s Best)
  • Chris Smith (Boston After School & Beyond)
  • Gina Warner (National Afterschool Association)

“Better Together: Boosting Afterschool by Building Citywide Systems”  


  • Betsy Brand (American Youth Policy Forum)
  • Jessica Donner (Every Hour Counts)
  • Audrey Hutchinson (National League of Cities)
  • Chris Smith (Boston After School & Beyond)
  • Bela Shah Spooner (National League of Cities)
  • Nicole Yohalem (Author, Building Citywide Systems for Quality)