How We Work

We make learning everyone’s business

Boston Beyond has helped shepherd a transformation in Boston’s education landscape. We’ve partnered with hundreds of nonprofits, city agencies, and local institutions to build a network with the capacity to provide quality after-school and summer learning. Our collective, sustained efforts have produced strong results with students and made us a model for other cities.

We’re proud of all our network has accomplished and honored to share what we’ve learned with those who, like us, believe that every child deserves access to enriching opportunities beyond school hours.

Summer for All:

What makes our approach so powerful?

Five principles underpin Boston Beyond’s citywide learning initiative, driving better outcomes for thousands of students each year.

  1. WE EXPAND OPPORTUNITIES: We fill untapped after school hours and summer months with engaging, skill-rich programs that students are eager to attend.
  2. WE FOCUS ON SKILLS: We unify all sectors around teachable skills that colleges and employers need, and help diverse providers design meaningful, skill driven learning programs.
  3. WE INNOVATE AND SCALE WHAT WORKS: We help our partners design and incubate fresh approaches to shared challenges and bring successful strategies to scale.
  4. WE MEASURE PROGRESS: We use research-validated measurement tools to determine what’s working and where more work is needed to achieve better outcomes.
  5. WE LEARN TOGETHER: We take a coordinated approach, understanding that we can do more for kids by aligning resources and by learning from one another.

Ready to dive deep?

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