Boston Data Work Highlighted in New Wallace Foundation Tip Sheets

Summer has brought many exciting changes to linking schools and out of school time programs in Boston through data! The work in Boston was recently highlighted by a Wallace Foundation report.  This set of easy-to-read tip sheets answers many questions about data collection and sharing strategies for out of school time programs.

Check out Tip Sheet #6: “Fair Share: Data Sharing Strategies that Work”to see Boston After School & Beyond’s spotlight!

Through our partnerships with BPS and community stakeholders we continue to make great progress toward strengthening data sharing policies and practices to create an integrated data system. The Boston School Committee recently passed a vote to make State Student ID numbers directory information. As pointed out in the Wallace report, lacking a student identification numbers can lead to errors and duplication in student matching. This policy change helps create a more efficient data matching process between programs and BPS.

With the ability to share data on youth, schools can direct students to programs that best fit their needs and know which programs are most effectively serving youth. Programs will be able to know how attending their programs benefits youth, and share information back to schools to better serve youth throughout the day.

We are excited to work in partnership with BPS and programs providers to ensure that youth get the best support they can – both in and out of school!

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