Boston Beyond is a national leader in after-school and summer learning. We support cities to replicate our success by sharing access to our carefully developed measurement and improvement infrastructure and through customized advisory services.

Impact Stats


Amount of waking hours spent outside of school by youth


Number of beyond school learning hours delivered to local youth by Boston Beyond’s local network over the 2022-2023 School Year and Summer 2023


Number of Boston youth enrolled and attending local afterschool and summer Network programming

Advisory Services

Boston Beyond offers advisory support to cities looking to build or improve a beyond school learning network. We work closely with partners to develop customized solutions that draw on our own extensive experience leading Boston’s ground-breaking summer and after-school network, while addressing the specific priorities or challenges that community wants to address. Our team can advise on all aspects of network development—from start up to professional development design to navigating change with public agencies.

Measurement & Improvement Services

Boston Beyond has developed the infrastructure to help organizations assess their impact and quality as learning providers. Our Measurement & Improvement suite includes a student enrollment and attendance portal, youth surveys, program observations, and an intuitive-to-use data dashboard—all of which can be used by individual programs and network conveners to capture impact and to guide improvement over time.


Boston After School & Beyond’s data-driven model has demonstrated the difference that engaging summer programs can make for students.


Student Doing Homework

Our Students Learn More

The RAND Corporation’s national study on summer learning shows that Boston Beyond’s approach achieves significant impacts on student learning. High-attending students outpaced their peers by 25% of a school year in reading and math and gained an advantage in social and emotional skills too.

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Boston Beyond’s network approach can be adapted to any community—large or small. Our team brings especially deep expertise in leveraging the diverse resources and navigating the complexity (e.g., transportation, politics, bureaucracy) of urban environments. We are accustomed to supporting clients with programs that serve large and diverse student populations, including students from low-income families, multi-lingual learners, and students with disabilities.

We’re ready to meet you where you are. We’re here to help communities that are setting up partnerships for the first time and those that are further along and need an experienced partner to provide targeted mentorship. We can help you design your network strategy from the ground up or take an existing network to the next level.

Our Measurement & Improvement Services include a suite of valid and reliable data tools we’ve refined over many years in Boston. The suite includes:

  • A partner portal to track student enrollment and attendance that can be customized to your community.
  • The SAYO-Y Youth Survey, which assesses student skill development and their experience of program quality.
  • Assessment of Program Practices (APT) observation tool, adapted from the National Institute of Out-of-School Learning.
  • Our proprietary PRISM data dashboard to help programs analyze their data and learn through comparison to similar programs.
  • Account set up, onboarding, training webinars, user guides, and on-call support.

We develop custom service packages based on the needs of client communities. After discussing your community’s goals, we will propose a base rate for our Measurement & Improvement Services package and an Advisory Services fee commensurate with the duration of support and depth of engagement.

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If your community is ready to build a high-impact beyond school learning network, we can help.