How to Create a New K-12 Engine: Paul Reville in Education Week

Boston Learns Together signatory Paul Reville discusses the importance of expanding out-of-school learning opportunities in education reform:

“…the new education system would have to greatly increase access to out-of-school learning opportunities—like summer school, camp, tutoring, lessons, sports, and the arts—for disadvantaged students because these opportunities are every bit as responsible for achievement gaps as anything that happens inside schools.

We claim to want a system that educates all our students to a high level so that they can successfully participate in our high-skills/high-knowledge 21st-century economy, thereby assuring the growth of that economy and prosperity for them and their families. But we haven’t built an engine to drive such an enterprise. We just keep tinkering with the old engine, trying to get it to do a job that is fundamentally different from that for which it was designed. To be sure, the current system is effective at reproducing the existing social order, but that’s not what we need. “

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