New National Academies Report on Summertime Experiences in the United States

Cites Boston as an example; recommends action from government, philanthropy, and the business community.

A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine states summer is a chance for youth to continue developing, but for those living in disadvantaged communities, summertime experiences can lead to worse health, social, emotional, academic, and safety outcomes.

Shaping Summertime Experiences details “a path forward so all kids can have summers that help them grow and be ready to achieve once school resumes.” Boston Beyond’s Chris Smith served on the committee for the report.

The committee’s recommendations include:

  • Local governments should establish a quality management system to identify and provide positive developmental summertime experiences for children and youth.
  • State and city leaders should convene public and private employers to leverage and support employer policies, practices, and programs to expand the capacity of and access to quality summertime experiences.
  • Federal and state government agencies should review existing policies and regulations to enable continuation during the summer months of school-year funding and resources.
  • Government agencies and philanthropic entities should support summer programs that target the specific needs of participants, identify specific outcomes, and have concrete plans for strong attendance.

Thank you to the community partners, schools, policy-makers, and funders who have addressed the obstacles children face during the summer, in Boston and beyond, to ensure all kids have the opportunity to develop and thrive.

Read the full report here.