October is College Month! Tips & Calendars from Success Boston

Success Boston’s College Month brings you tips and tricks to get ready, get in, & get through college.

Check out the resources below, including a Calendar of Events, Tips for Students, and Tips for Teachers.


Charting Your Path: Tips for a Successful College Application

1. Lay the Foundation

  • Enroll in college prep classes (AP & Honors)
  • Take required exams (SAT, ACT, subject tests)
  • Keep your grades up!

2. Start Early

  • Don’t wait until the alst minute to start the process
  • Devote time each week to your college search
  • Ask for recommendations early in the year

3. Do Your Research

  • Look at colleges online
  • Visit your college/career center or guidance counselor
  • Attend college fairs

4. Organize Yourself

  • Make a list of schools that interest you
  • Write down application & financial aid deadlines
  • Chart out all application requirements

5. Visit Colleges

  • College visits help you get a feel for student life & fit for you
  • Take a campus tour
  • Go to college open houses

6. Talk to Others

  • Include your family
  • Talk to your counselor & teachers
  • Get advice from current college students

7. Draft & Revise

  • Brainstorm for & draft your application essays
  • Have others review your writing
  • Revise your drafts

8. Consider Finances

  • Research financial aid packages early
  • Look for both national & local scholarships
  • Talk to your uAspire counselor

9. Be Yourself!

  • Think about what majors & activities interest you
  • Show your personality in yoru applications
  • Reflect on what you want in and from a college