[Op-Ed by Paul Reville] Third Semester: A Point of Privilege

In a recent Op-Ed for Real Clear Education, BASB board member and former Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville argues that communities need to ensure that all students have access to high-quality, summer learning opportunities. Given the ample body of research that documents the benefits of these experiences, we can no longer afford to leave summer learning, or the third semester, up to chance.

According to Reville, states and local communities need to “reconceive our public responsibility … to assume that a third semester isn’t something “nice to do” but rather something essential to preparing all of our students for success in college and career.”

Furthermore, Reville boldly reinforces the urgency of this work: “If we fail to do so, we must then resign ourselves to perpetual achievement gaps and failure to compete globally, despite our best efforts at school reform.”

The full article can be viewed here.

Students engaged in hands-on learning at Hale Reservation, a partner of the Boston Summer Learning Community (Photo Credit: Tiffany Knight)