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STEM Coordinator

Position Description

Overview of Boston After School & Beyond
Boston After School & Beyond (Boston Beyond) is a nonprofit intermediary founded in 2005 that
connects school, after-school, and summer learning so that young people can develop to their full
potential. A local organization with a national reputation, Boston Beyond catalyzes partnerships among
the City of Boston, the Boston Public Schools (BPS), local and national funders, researchers, and over
350 programs to test new ideas and bring successful approaches to scale. Boston Beyond reached over
25,000 students in 2020.

Young people need opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to thrive
in school, college, work, and life. The time spent outside of school—particularly in after-school and
summer programs—represents an opportunity for youth to develop and apply skills, expand social
networks, and gain background knowledge.

Boston Beyond has a lean, productive staff focused on designing, managing, and supporting a citywide
learning system that draws on the strengths of Boston’s rich and diverse array of programs, in concert
with schools, in order to maximize the time spent outside of school. By working with Boston Beyond,
programs pursue common goals, implement shared measures, and have a greater impact on closing
opportunity and achievement gaps than they would if they worked in isolation.

Boston Beyond’s approach has taken root in the city, reaching scale and informing new program
innovation, research, and public policy and funding. Boston Beyond and its partners devised a nationally
recognized approach to summer learning, called the 5th Quarter of Learning. Part of a national
longitudinal study by RAND, this model get results for high attending participants in math, English
language arts, and social and emotional skills.

With the United Way and BPS as part of a US Department of Education grant, Boston Beyond manages
the BoSTEM initiative, which leverages stimulating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
learning experiences to increase the engagement and interest of middle grades students. Similarly,
through a national Wallace Foundation initiative, Boston Beyond and BPS are demonstrating how
elementary schools and their partners can enhance social and emotional skills. A robust measurement
and professional development system focused on the Achieve, Connect, Thrive Skills Framework
underlie these initiatives. For more information, please visit www.bostonbeyond.org.


Boston Beyond’s Measurement & Improvement Coordinators are the primary supports to our network
of over 350 after-school and summer programs, particularly in measurement operations (e.g., data
collection and reporting) and improvement strategies (e.g., data coaching and action planning). The
STEM Coordinator is also responsible for supporting the implementation of the BoSTEM initiative,
funded by the Education, Innovation, and Research (EIR) program of the US Department of Education.

This position is a great opportunity to learn how organizations collect data in order to take action at the
program and policy levels, and to gain experience in influencing strategy for systems change. We are
looking for a candidate with initiative and persistence, strong people skills, excellent time management,
and strategic thinking to serve a growing network of partner organizations and help develop a citywide
STEM ecosystem.

The STEM Coordinator is expected to work closely with Boston Beyond’s two other Measurement &
Improvement Coordinators and other members of the Boston Beyond team. They will also closely
collaborate with the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, Boston Beyond’s BoSTEM
partner and the federal grant recipient. The position reports to the Director of Measurement &

  • Collaborate with BoSTEM program partners to ensure complete and accurate data collection.
    • Engage program partners to understand data needs and ensure they administer surveys, receive observations, and complete all data collection.
    • Identify ways to improve the data collection process and provide solutions for program partners with issues preventing them from completing data collection.
    • Collaborate with the other Measurement & Improvement Coordinators to coordinate a unified, seamless, and positive experience for program partners.
    • Enhance program partners’ user experience in our online systems for data collection and data reporting.
  • Organize STEM professional learning opportunities for BoSTEM program partners.
    • Identify and implement culturally relevant, STEM-focused professional learning for program staff.
    • Coordinate with other Boston Beyond staff to offer BoSTEM program partners access to Boston Beyond’s other professional development offerings.
    • Publicize professional learning opportunities to BoSTEM partners and track attendance for continuous improvement and grant reporting.
  • Assist with improvement strategies, including facilitating peer learning communities and data coaching.
    • Assist BoSTEM program partners in understanding and interpreting data.
    • Collaborate with the United Way to organize Community of Practice events where BoSTEM program partners and other BoSTEM stakeholders can learn from each other and share best practices.
    • Collaborate with the Measurement & Improvement team on designing and improving data coaching process for BoSTEM program partners.
    • Support BoSTEM program partners in the creation and implementation of Action Plans by providing resources or support as necessary.
  • Support Boston Beyond’s agenda.
    • Participate in design, turnout, and implementation of Boston Beyond meetings and events.
    • Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills and Attributes

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Two years of experience in a position that required interpersonal skills a plus.
  • Experience in Boston’s youth development and education fields a plus.
  • Initiative. Experience with identifying problems and leading implementation of solutions to ultimately
    improve output.
  • Collaboration. Experience working effectively with others, including within a team, across an
    organization, or with customers.
  • Communication. Communicates in a clear, compelling, and persuasive manner, both in person and in
    writing. Enjoys meeting with stakeholders.
  • Organization. Experience with managing multiple simultaneous projects successfully, demonstrating
    time management skills.
  • Project Management. Devises and applies processes in order to meet objectives, balancing multiple
    deadlines. Tracks details to inform progress toward objectives; communicates clearly and develops
    artifacts to share progress with others.
  • Experience with Excel, data-processing software, or Salesforce a plus.

Commensurate with experience.

To Apply
Please email a resume and cover letter to jobs@bostonbeyond.org, with STEM Coordinator in the subject line. Your cover letter should describe your interest, qualifications, and experience as they relate to this job.

Boston After School & Beyond is an Equal Opportunity Employer.