Please help!! BYEN Environmental Education Survey

BYEN wants to hear from you! If you run an environmental education program, please help by filling out our survey!

With support from the Unites States Forest Service, BYEN seeks to document the pathway of environmental learning from grades K-12 in Boston. What is a “pathway of environmental learning”? The “pathway” is all of the opportunities available for a young person to learn about the environment through instruction in school and out-of-school time programs, and opportunities with youth paid/unpaid programs. Ideally this pathway provides a young person the experience and knowledge necessary to enter the world of work in the “green” sector. The green jobs sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of employment, especially for jobs that pay a living wage and provide the opportunity of a career ladder yet are accessible coming out of high school or within a few years of training/education/apprenticeship.

Please encourage all colleagues to complete the survey for their individual program. The survey is available must be completed by 5:00PM on May 18th.

To give you some incentive – every week, we will submit the names of the people who have completed the survey in a drawing-one person will get a $25 gift card to Itunes! If the link above does not work, cut and paste into your browser.

With any questions, please contact Varsha Ghosh at