Program Profile: Community Boat Building and Haley School Students Launch Boats in JP and Fort Point

In celebration of the completion of the 2016-17 school year, students in Community Boat Building programs and its sister program at the Haley Pilot School launched rowboats and canoes crafted during their programs in Jamaica Pond and the Fort Point Channel.

During the boat launch events, students proudly showcased their boats and rowing skills to teachers, parents, and Community Boat Building staff members. Some students at the Haley School also used their boats as vehicles to spread messages of love, inclusion, and social justice, decorating their boats with rainbows, peace signs, hearts, and phrases like “Refugees are Welcome,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Be Yourself,” and “No Pollution.”

Community Boat Building and the Boat Building program at the Haley Pilot School lead students through the process of creating seaworthy rowboats and canoes, allowing them to utilize STEM skills learned in the classroom to complete hands-on projects. Students in these programs also learn rowing and swimming skills, practice capsize drills, test water for pollutants in a Northeastern University lab, and discover Massachusetts’ rich maritime and ship building history through an oral history project.

To learn more about Community Boat Building, please visit their website