Register for Afterschool and Expanded Learning Opportunities Advocacy Day on April 23!

Have you registered yet for Afterschool Works! Advocacy Day?  Please join us on Tuesday April 23rd in the Great Hall of Flags State House – 9:30am.  Last year at Afterschool Works! you were asked you to speak up and be a voice for children, youth and high quality expanded learning opportunities. It worked! Together, over the course of a year:

  • We protected the After School & Out of School Time Quality Grant (Line Item 7061-9611)
  • Schools and community based partners strengthened their expanded learning collaborations
  • We saw increased investments in summer learning opportunities across the state
  • We made certain that professional development resources were equitably distributed
  • We put informal and project-based learning at the forefront of the state’s STEM education agenda
  • Creative Minds Out of School brought art-based, project-based learning to over 3000 students
  • And in October, we passed An Act Establishing an Afterschool & Out-of-School Time Coordinating Council!

Not only does Afterschool Work but clearly, Advocacy Works as well!!!  And that is why your presence is needed on Tuesday April 23rd – the House of Representatives will be in session that day and scheduled to be voting on amendments to their budget. We need to make sure that just before your Legislator walks out of their office to vote, they know how important high quality expanded learning opportunities are to your community.   Here are some steps you can take now: