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Boston Summer Learning Project 2011 (Thompson Island)

Boston Summer Learning Project 2012 (Burke High School)

Boston Summer Learning Project 2014 (Sociedad Latina)

Boston Summer Learning Project 2015 (Hale Reservation)

National Summer Learning Day 2016

The BoSTEM Experience (Sociedad Latina & CitySprouts) 2016

Why is Summer Learning Important? 2016

What Does High Quality Programming Look Like? (Steppingstone Fdn) 2016

5th Quarter of Learning 2017 (Zoo New England)

Mayor Walsh and Superintendent Chang Announce Expansion of BoSTEM Initiative

ACT Skills: Growth Mindset, featuring HMS MEDscience

ACT Skills: Communication, featuring Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston at Tierney Learning Center

ACT Skills: Self-Efficacy, featuring Urban Improv Youth Unscripted

ACT Skills: Social Awareness & Relationships, featuring Playworks New England at the Russell School

ACT Skills: Critical Thinking, featuring Harlem Lacrosse – TechBoston Academy Girls

ACT Skills: Perseverance, featuring Thompson Island Outward Bound – Summer Connections

ACT Skills: Creativity, featuring Boston Scores – Mario Umana Academy

ACT Skills: Self-Regulation, featuring Umass Boston – Urban Scholars

ACT Skills: Teamwork, featuring Community Rowing, Inc

Boston Summer Learning Launches Largest Summer Yet

Summer For All: Perspectives of Program Leaders on Boston Summer Learning

Summer For All: A Parent Perspective on Boston Summer Learning

Summer For All: Perspectives from Students & Alumni on Boston Summer Learning

Summer For All: 10-Year Anniversary of Boston Summer Learning

Summer For All: A Third Semester of Work and Learning

SEL Circle Video

Elevating Real-World Learning: Two Cities’ Efforts to Credential Real World Skills through Digital Badges

The Rennie Center followed teams in Providence and Boston as they engaged in a bold experiment to credential the skills that young people gain outside of school. The following report shares successes and lessons learned from…

Navigating Social-Emotional Learning from the Inside Out

This report looks inside 25 leading social and emotional learning and character education programs to identify key features and attributes of SEL programming for elementary-age children. The aim is to provide schools and organizations with detailed…

Summer 2017 Debrief Presentation

Outlining the initiatives of programs serving over 10,338 Boston youth, the data debrief from Summer 2017 captures key achievements and data results to guide the future summer learning.

From a Nation at Risk to a Nation at Hope

A growing movement dedicated to the social, emotional, and academic well-being of children is reshaping learning and changing lives across America. This Aspen Institute report outlines how learning happens and what strategies can help local communities…

Summer for All: Lessons from Ten Years of Boston Summer Learning

Colleagues in other cities look at Boston’s ambitious summer learning partnership and want to know how it came together: How did we bring 90 institutions together under a single mission? How have we achieved such strong…

Summer 2019 Debrief Presentation

Capturing the efforts of programs serving over 13,400 Boston youth, the data debrief from Summer 2019 outlines key successes and data findings to support the next decade of summer learning.

Lessons Learned 2019 Report

Summer learning in the city of Boston has proved to be an effective tool for improving the education of students in the area. In honor of National Summer Learning Week and after ten years of successful…

2018 ACT Skills Summit: From Data to Action

In June 2018, over 250 education leaders from Boston and across the country gathered at Boston University for the second annual ACT Skills Summit. Together, we discussed strategies to advance skill development, learned from leading researchers…

Summer 2018 Report

A new Boston Beyond report details the performance of 145 programs serving 12,522 students over summer 2018, an all-time high.

H.2868 – Summer Learning Bill

H.2868 from the Massachusetts legislature is an act to increase access to high quality summer learning opportunities for FY2019 and FY2020. The act authorizes the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to establish a grant program…

2017 ACT Skills Summit: Preparing Youth for College, Career, and Life

In June 2017, Boston Beyond released an updated ACT Framework, informed by Boston’s youth development and education community. While the framework’s focus remains the same – codifying the skills necessary for college & career success –…

Kernels of Practice for SEL

This briefing outlines key strategies for practicing social and emotional learning in a low-cost, low-burden manner. These strategies are designed to be adpatable to inidvidual settings and needs, while still producing meangingful outcomes.

Summer 2017 Report

This Summer Report details the performance of 132 programs serving 10,338 students over summer 2017.

Incorporating Youth Voice into Program Design

This report provides strategies to better understand the youth experience in areas of youth leadership and responsibility, and choice and autonomy. Conducted by Health Resources in Action, this new Policy and Practice Brief below offers practical…

Designing Assessments for College and Career Readiness: Performance Tasks

Performance tasks are one way to assess students’ college and career readiness because they require students to produce authentic work that demonstrates their mastery of specific skills and content. This video explores how educators can design…

Rennie Center Report: Beyond School Walls

In Boston, public schools and community-based organizations are experimenting with expanded learning opportunities (ELOs) which blend in-school experiences with community-based activities. This brief examines ongoing work in Boston and efforts by Boston Beyond to advance the…

Digital Badging and Micro-Credentialing

What does badging really represent for PK-12 educators dedicated to student-centered learning? This paper explores that answer with the help of voices directly involved in badging and micro-credentialing and educators thoughtfully watching it. Boston Beyond’s badging…

Badging Practice Brief

In the summer of 2015 and the 2015-16 school year, seven long-time partners of Boston Beyond with experience measuring program quality and skill outcomes for youth piloted this digital badging system. This brief contains promising practices and recommendations…

BASB/BPS Joint PSELI Press Release

In 2016, the Wallace Foundation granted $400,000 to Boston After School and Beyond and Boston Public Schools to support the development of social and emotional skills in students. A few of the features of focus were:…

RAND Report: Learning from Summer

The Wallace Foundation launched the National Summer Learning Project in 2011 to expand summer program opportunities for students in urban districts. This report by RAND examines the effects of voluntary summer learning programs on low-income urban…

Summer 2016 Report

In 2016, the Boston Summer Learning Community dramatically increased the reach and scale of summer learning throughout Boston. The Community reached 10,080 Boston students across 127 programs and shattered Mayor Walsh’s summer learning goal one year…

National Academies of Science’s Workshop on Summer Learning

In August 2016 the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine held a workshop to explore the influence of summertime activities on youth. The workshop emphasized the current research on the importance of summer learning and…

Boston Learns Together: Building Skills, Creating Opportunity

Boston is the ideal atmosphere to enhance the education of all students and close the opportunity gap during in-school, after-school, and summer learning. In coordination with our partners, Boston After School and Beyond identifies those skills…

Assessing the Impacts of STEM Learning Ecosystems

This report furthers the STEM ecosystem research described in a Noyce Foundation 2014 working paper amd shares evidence of the impact of cross-sector partnerships in the effort to create a rich STEM learning environment for all…

Digital Badges in Afterschool

This compilation of case studies written by The Afterschool Alliance, examines exemplary digital badge pilots across the nation including our valued partner, PASA. Complete with a comprehensive list of lessons learned by each pilot and a…

Summer 2015 Report

BSLC continued to grow and expand its reach, from 58 programs serving 3,504 students in 2014 to 79 programs serving 5,626 students in 2015. Evaluation results show program quality remained high, and students improved their social-emotional…

Rennie Center Report: From Schooling to Learning

In 2012, Boston Beyond and EdVestors launched efforts to facilitate more strategic connections between community organizations and the Boston Public Schools. These pilot projects were designed to expand students’ access to community resources. In this brief,…

STEM Learning is Everywhere

This report by the National Research Council explores engaging representatives from the formal, afterschool, and informal education sectors from across the U.S. to foster more seamless learning of STEM subjects for elementary and middle school students….

How Cross-Sector Collaborations are Advancing STEM Learning

STEM learning ecosystems harness unique contributions of educators, policymakers, families, and others in symbiosis toward a comprehensive vision of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for all children. This 2014 working paper published by the Noyce…

RAND Report: Ready for Fall?

This RAND Report is the second of five volumes from a five-year study which examines the effects of voluntary summer learning programs on low-income urban youth. This report specifically discusses how students performed in mathematics, reading,…

RAND Report: Getting to Work on Summer Learning

This study was conducted by the RAND Corporation, which assessed the effects of district-led programs on academic achievement, social-emotional competencies, and behavior over the short and long-term. This report offers lessons learned from detailed evaluations of…

Achieving-Connecting-Thriving Skills

Former Superintendent Carol Johnson and Chris Smith of Boston After School & Beyond co-authored Achieving, Connecting, Thriving: Afterschool and Summer Learning in Collaboration with Schools. This paper will be part of a forthcoming compendium, supported by…

The Achieve-Connect-Thrive Framework

This paper describes our approach to developing and measuring skills, and features a recent project with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative to help teens be more intentional about developing skills. This article was produced with support…

RAND Report: Making Summer Count

Making Summer Count reviews the literature on summer learning loss and the effectiveness of summer learning programs, determines key cost drivers of and available funds for summer programs, and gathers information about how such programs operate…