Social-Emotional Learning Professional Development Opportunities

July 2020

Stress Management through Circle Practice with JD Fergus and Bianca Carreiro

The Stress Management Circle course is designed for participants to learn:

· How to identify the physical manifestations of stress

· How to cope with stress

· How to use mindfulness and self-compassion

· How to identify stress in students and respond in a trauma-informed way

These sessions are facilitated using an online Circle practice format. By the end of the course, all educators will be knowledgeable in the psychosomatic presentation of stress and will be equipped in managing their stress.

June 2020

Positive Behavior Management: Universal Strategies for Successful Programs with Judge Baker Children’s Center

May 2020
Empowered Students with Transforming Education
Understanding Our Work Through A Trauma-Sensitive Lens (with a follow up conversation for org leaders in June)


March 2020
Positive Mindsets: Self-Efficacy Focus with Transforming Education
Soil and Seeds: Restorative Responses to Harm


February 2020
Positive Mindsets: Growth Mindset Focus with Transforming Education
Soil and Seeds: Foundations of Circle / Restorative Mindsets


January 2020
Building Organizational Culture with Edgework Consulting
Intrapersonal Skills Through Improve: Self-Efficacy with Rehearsal for Life


December 2019
Intrapersonal Skills Through Improv: Growth Mindset with Rehearsal for Life
White Youth Workers in Communities of Color with BEST Initiative


October 2019
Vital Connections with Edgework Consulting (3 day series) October – January
Family Engagement with 1647 Families (3 half day series) October – March
Engaging Children & Youth in Leadership with BEST Initiative
Making SEL Visible: “Isn’t everything we do social and emotional?”
Other opportunities we’ve offered:
What’s Gender Got To Do With It?
Positive Behavior Management
Restorative Justice / Circle Practice (6 day series)
Racial Equity (3 evening/weekend session series)
Navigating Conflict
Facilitating Reflection
Building Effective Teams
Social Awareness & Relationships