Summer Institute: Brown Bag Lunch and Upcoming Events

On Friday five programs (Horizons at Dedham Country Day, The Steppingstone Foundation, IBA, Sportmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Center, Boston PIC) and Boston Public Schools joined Boston Beyond over lunch to share challenges and successful strategies in delivering academic and enrichment content over the summer.  Summer providers shared their challenges to ensure enough planning time for both, and that they are meeting both their academic and youth skills development goals. Helpful tips like planning field trips early to secure free or discount rates, finding other community partners to come in to offer instruction to youth, and different ways to measure the benefit of enrichment were all discussed.  The conversation offered lots of great new resources and connections.
Thank you to the program who came and shared great resources. We hope to see you at lunch next month to talk about reducing your no-show rate and maximizing attendance!


Upcoming events:

Wednesday March 26th, 1-3:30pm “Parent and Family Engagement”, RSVP for this event here 

Expert Panel includes:

Jeff Rosenberg, VP, Advocacy & Social Marketing Practice Leader, Crosby Marketing

Dr. Elena Lopez, Associate Director Harvard Family Research Project

Dr. Dione Christy, Senior Director, BPS Office of Engagement

There will be time for questions and discussion with your peer programs at this event as well.

** Mark your calendars**: May 2nd starting at 8:30am we will hold an APT training for programs involved in the summer measurement project.