Summer Institute: Reducing Your No-Show Rate & Maximizing Attendance

In order to realize the benefits of summer programs, students must attend regularly. Programs in Boston are taking a rigorous approach to ensuring that students who sign up actually show up and to maximizing attendance throughout the program.

On April 18, summer program representatives discussed ways to improve attendance. Ideas included the following:

– Setting clear expectations for both students and parents at the beginning of the program,

– Providing incentives for attendance and participation,

– Building a sense of community and belonging, even exclusivity, so that youth feel special,

– Providing engaging activities that make students want to attend.

A special thanks to the top performing organizations on student attendance — the Boston PICCourageous Sailing, and The Boston Debate League — for sharing their insights.


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To learn more about effective summer practices, including attendance strategies in Boston and beyond, read RAND’s Getting to Work on Summer Learning.


Join us for our next Summer Institute: APT Training with NIOST

Friday, May 2, 2014 – 8:30am – 2:00pm

89 South St, First Floor Community Room

Join us for the first of two required trainings to become more familiar with the program observation tool with NIOST researchers.  Please send one to two representatives from your organization for this event. (Note: This is required of programs participating in the Summer Measurement Project.  If you are a part of the Summer Learning Project, you are welcome to join but not required). Register Here