Summer Learning Project 2013 Video (Featuring MathPOWER)

Achieving, Connecting, and Thriving through Summer Learning

Boston After School & Beyond, Boston Public Schools and the Boston Opportunity Agenda are excited to highlight the innovative skill building efforts of the Boston Summer Learning Project. Follow students Maya, Karla, and Elijah as they describe their skill development and personal growth through summer learning at the MathPOWER-BPS site on the Northeastern University campus.

The 2013 Summer Learning video highlights the MathPOWER-BPS site, which served over 50 BPS middle school students in full-day academic and enrichment programming. MathPOWER staff and BPS teachers focused on co-implementing the Achieve, Connect, Thrive (ACT) skills framework in meeting the academic and socio-emotional needs of students.

MathPOWER students pursued a guiding question throughout their summer experience – “What kind of skills can I add to my life’s backpack?”  Maya, Karla, and Elijah – along with their peers – added skills such as critical thinking, perseverance, and peer relationships to their life’s backpack.

The student trio’s testimonials in the video are proof of the opportunities summer presents for student achievement. Boston’s approach to summer learning equips students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences for success in school, work, and life. Students learn rigorous content in engaging hands-on ways in community-based settings like Northeastern University, providing a powerful learning experience for students who need it the most.