Summer Learning Project: Sociedad Latina – Tobin K-8 School

Opening a dance studio, designing video games, selling cakes to music groups – these are just a few of the career aspirations of the middle school students at Sociedad Latina’s Summer Learning Program.  These business ventures sprouted with an idea on the first day of the program and grew as the students explored their interests in one of the six enrichment clubs that Sociedad Latina offers.   This summer’s clubs were Dance, Visual Arts, Music, Glass-Blowing, Graphic Design, and Capoeira.  After morning sessions spent learning good business practices in budgeting and marketing, students separated based on these club choices in order to create business plans that revolved around their respective themes.  For example, students interested in Glass Blowing walked down the street to Diablo Glass Studio while students in the Dance enrichment club spent two afternoons a week at the Emerson Dance Studio.

The six-week program ended on August 9 with a closing celebration where students presented all of their hard work in the form of a final business portfolio.  The business plans were beautifully and professionally displayed in board-form for onlookers to view as the students showed off their public speaking skills as they discussed their proposals.   Their financial plans included calculated budgets and colorful graphs while their marketing plans were based on catchy jingles and engaging mission statements.

After all the effort they poured into their businesses, these students truly know what it means to be an entrepreneur.  Be on on the lookout because you may find yourself stumbling into a Capoeira or Glass-Blowing class at one of their studios in the near future!

A business plan presented on the final day of programming – What a great pitch!

The Capoeira Club performing at the closing ceremony.  In case you didn’t know: Capoeira is a form of martial arts that blends dance and music!