All Dorchester Sports & Leadership – Summer Enrichment Program

At this program, students will have the chance to engage socially with their peers, encouraged and guided by our teen leadership counselors to build and foster healthy interpersonal skills. Students will also have the chance to learn new physical skills through our various daily physical actives such as dance, basketball, yoga, kickball, obstacle courses.

ADSL’s access to 5.7 acres of outdoor space, in the heart of Dorchester, truly makes ADSL different. Located just minutes from Fields Corner Station, ADSL is uniquely positioned to uplift and impact youth from many areas. Our outdoor space has allowed ADSL to not just be a leader in sports but in community engagement, activism, and healing.

Our trauma-informed, youth, family, community-first approach uses trained and dedicated coaches, volunteers, and staff who live in the community and proactively engage with guardians, students, and family liaisons. ADSL is a long-term engagement organization (1-3 years) and builds lasting relationships that carry over season after season, from program to program. Cultivating a strong community of support, learning, and positive development. This program works to support youth who are often disconnected or come from areas with high levels of violence. 58% of ADSL participants are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), our participants identify as Caucasian 42%, Hispanic 35%, African American 15%, Asian 3% Haitian 2%, Cape Verdean 2%, Vietnamese 2%, Other 4%