Bikes Not Bombs – Youth Pathways Youth Apprenticeships

Longstanding cultural beliefs suggest that cycling is an activity primarily for white, economically advantaged people. This damaging stereotype and the centuries-long legacy of disinvestment in marginalized communities have led to stark disparities in bicycle infrastructure.
Graduates of BNB?s Bike School programs are eligible to progress on to paid Youth Apprenticeships, through which they develop post-secondary career pathways, grow as leaders, and advance transportation equity in their own communities. Youth Apprentices hone a range of twenty-first-century skills and apply these skills within the context of work with tangible impact. Youth Apprentices progress through the following operational areas over the course of three years: 1) as co-instructors in Bike School; 2) as community organizers in our BOCA) team to build a healthier and more sustainable world by engaging in research, community organizing, workshop facilitation, event planning, and public speaking; 3) as part of our bike collections and recycling team; and 4) refurbishing bikes and attending to customers in our mission-driven full-service Bike Shop and Training Center.