Boston Project Ministries – Mental Health Ambassadors

The Mental Health Ambassadors create a safe and brave space for young people to learn about mental wellness and take practical steps in their own self-care or extend care to their peers. Through this program, teenagers are empowered as mental health advocates. They receive college-level instruction about mental health, and they have the opportunity to create youth-led prevention and intervention activities (ie. art therapy workshops, Real Talk, yoga, mindfulness, etc.). Participants interact with behavioral health professionals and elected officials in creating city-wide mental health strategies for teenagers. Youth are currently designing workshops, a podcast, self-care events, and promotional gear, while continuing to care for their own health. This program is a great fit for students interested in public health, counseling, and social work.

We intentionally connect young people with the broader community, especially BIPOC individuals, who are involved with supporting and leading mental health initiatives. When the Mental Health Ambassadors create workshops and presentations to share with the community they are also empowering a historically underrepresented community with knowledge, connections to resources, and action steps to support mental young people?s well-being.

There are not many community-based youth programs in Boston (that we are aware of) that specifically focus on the mental health of BIPOC teenagers. We want to compliment the work that is happening in school-based settings and increase the number of community-based resources available to young people in Dorchester and beyond.