Boston Project Ministries – Peer Leaders

#1 Be empowered to live out the ?best version of themselves? by cultivating a strong sense of self, rooted in belonging and connectedness and inspired by stories of other influential women and men from past and present.

Youth will come to a greater understanding of who they are through engagement in group and independent activities of self-discovery, including exploring personal strengths and interests, cultural and familial roots, and future hopes and goals.

Youth will develop a sense of belonging within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood and a greater understanding of their connectedness and importance in their community, amongst their ?tribe,? and the world.

Youth will learn about and be inspired by six influential men or women who demonstrate characteristics of community servant leadership.

#2 Be encouraged to be agents of positive change within themselves, their communities, and the world through the practice of community servant leadership.

Youth will learn about being agents of positive change within themselves through discussions and activities addressing making good decisions, having healthy friendships and relationships, managing conflict with others, etc.

Youth will learn about and practice characteristics of community servant leadership. These include empathy, healing, stewardship, growth of others, building community, and dreaming great dreams. Sisters will come to understand how these qualities relate to the pursuit of social justice and the building of strong communities.

Youth will be inspired by historical examples and present, local BIPOC individuals who demonstrate the characteristics of community servant leadership.

Youth will practice applying community servant leadership in their community and as it relates to an issue of social justice.

#3 Be equipped with critical soft (pre-employment) skills as a foundation for school and work success.

Youth will gain an understanding of and demonstrate the application of critical soft skills, such as time management, teamwork, conflict resolution, etc., through weekly lessons, discussions, and activities. Youth will practice setting and tracking personal and team goals related to these skills.

We recognize that our community’s programs for middle school students are sorely lacking. It is that awkward in-between time when youth transition out of elementary-age summer camp but are still too young to work a job. The Brotherhood and Sisterhood is an age-appropriate bridge between those program years where our team embraces middle school youth wholeheartedly seeking to nurture them into promising young men and women.