Boston String Academy – Participating in Summer Festivals

BSA?s unique approach nurtures every child?s potential guiding them to reach their highest levels of academic and musical excellence and to develop a lifelong love of music. BSA’s youth
orchestras serve as a model society in which an atmosphere of competition between individuals is replaced by shared aspiration and investment. The youngest students receive daily instruction in a group setting, complemented by a weekly private or semi-private lesson. The older children come together several times a week for string ensemble, chamber music and private lessons.
BSA’s youth leadership empowerment program is designed for high school students who
have participated in the youth orchestra and are interested in pursuing a career in the arts. The goal is to provide high school students with an excellent performing arts foundation. Students participating in the youth leadership program gain work experience, learn about professional
musician opportunities, and network within the performing arts career and academic fields. The high school interns teach and serve as role models for the younger children in the orchestra. BSA is the only program in the United States to adopt the Colourstrings Method into its
curriculum for the beginner students.

Through its partnerships, BSA advances its goal of providing rich learning opportunities to foster student independence and self-advocacy and to promote student success while respecting
each other?s differences. These partnerships deepen our connection with each community and strengthen our ability to provide high quality instruction and a musical foundation that is
traditionally available only to higher income students. No other youth orchestra programs are offered in these communities.