Center for Arabic Culture – Summer Learning Acad

Beside learning general education subjects like math and English, at this program, students will have the chance to learn a second language and will learn Arabic music and singing. Our language and music teachers are professionals and graduates of Berklee College of Music.
The program will provide a solid ground to teach students in an inclusive environment with equitable access to information and opportunities to empower them with pride as effective contributors in the society. CAC believes that education is the key to building a strong society what welcomes all its components.
Through teaching Arabic music, art and language, the program gives the students a chance to visit all diverse cultures in the Arab World, realize that Arabic language and art can be employed to benefit their studies and careers, and Arabic language can be used to communicate with their families and heritage if they come from an Arabic background.
Through singing and music lessons, the student will learn about Arabic musicians, poets, and singers who played a vital role in the development or Arabic music and left their fingerprints on the world music.