Community Rowing, Inc. – RowBoston High School Rowing Program

Through the RowBoston program, students will have the chance to participate in five-six practices per week for as many as 45 weeks a year, including the summer months. They will have the opportunity to race in as many as 8 regattas over the course of a year, both indoors and on the water. They will have the chance to complete daily school requirements, while receiving opportunities to prepare for the next level of education through SAT preparation, college application assistance and college campus visits.

RowBoston?s approach is special because it is creating a constant in the lives of the underserved youths we are reaching. As they prosper in rowing, academics, and in their physical, social and emotional well-being, RowBoston students are changing personal behaviors for the better and setting themselves on a course for continued growth as they mature into adults.