Courageous Sailing – Swim Sail Science JP

At this program, students will have the chance to experience new activities, enjoy time on the water, make new friends, and think critically about environmental issues that affect them, their
neighborhoods, and the world. This intensive, five-week, two-summer program combines sailing and swimming instruction with instruction in language arts, math, and science by Boston Public School teachers. Students reinforce basic skills and build high level critical thinking through a multidisciplinary, hands-on curriculum focused on environmental topics including water quality and access, ocean health, waste management, the Jamaica Pond ecosystem, endangered species, and climate change. Each week, participants engage in a combination of swimming instruction at a nearby pool, exploring the Pond by rowboat/kayak/stand-up paddleboard, and learning how to sail with three peers and an instructor, activities designed to build community and social-emotional skills, and approximately three hours of academics per day.