East Boston Social Centers – The Social Centers Summer Camp

At this program, students will have the chance to experience:
• A multicultural curriculum
• Environmental awareness
• Wellness and social-emotional programming
• Access to computers
• Field trips
• Organized sports
• Performing arts
• Special projects
• Arts and crafts
• Storytelling, and much more!
We not only address and support what students have learned during the school year to mitigate any potential learning loss, especially during the pandemic–but we also focus on their social/emotional well-being: The pandemic has interrupted normal in-person social/emotional interaction that many youth rely on during a traditional school year. By providing this program, participants will be able to both learn and interact with their peers and instructors as they would pre-COVID while safely social distancing, thereby eliminating isolation and furthering social, emotional/mental well-being.

For the teens, weekly activities include volunteering, workforce development, and wellness focusing on living a joyful life and then developing and implementing approaches to increase both personal and community joy drawing on evidence of what matters most for joy, with a focus on four main pillars: Relationships, Purpose, Mindfulness, and Fitness. This program provides youth with the opportunity to reduce stress, increase positive coping skills, reduce social isolation, increase self-esteem and self-awareness, increase leadership skills, provide direct mental health support, and increase positive youth engagement with adults, organizations, and peers.