Edison K-8 – Young Queens and Kings Scholar Prog

Students have the option to pick from various enrichments such as Sport, Spanish, Book Club, Open Circle, Art and Poetry. The Young Queens and Kings Scholar Summer programming will be focused on cultural enrichment activities surrounding heritage, self-awareness, social/cultural norms, and values. We will have two open circle discussions each day geared towards social issues and cultural issues that students of color have to deal with, as well as American norms outside of some of our students’ values or norms. The Young Queens and Kings Scholar Program Open Circle will discuss topics regarding poverty, urbanized community building, life skills, adulthood, and the Core Values. This will be followed by movement or enrichment activities used to demonstrate and cultivate the three triangles. The goal of having two mandatory circles creates a safe place for students to learn, talk/discuss, and teach one another about their own personal experiences. Students feel safe in places where others can relate to or share their struggles, and we can help teach tolerance among our students.