KeySteps – UMass Boston

Our middle school youth will have a chance to connect with the environment, our weather and our world. Youth will build a kite, take a hike, spot some animals and explore our harbor.
Youth in grades 6, 7 & 8 will:
—hike the Abigail Adams Trail to the Blue Hill Observatory to learn how weather forecasts are created and climate is predicted
–explore the parks along the Neponset River Watershed, and discover the plants and animals in the streams & ponds in the watershed that depend on the tides and the energy from the sun
–build a kite and fly a kite to harness the wind
–use Chromebooks to become acquainted with the app
–map the islands of the harbor and learn their history
–use art, narrative and poetry to record their observations in a nature journal
–work as a team to take pictures to create a story board or photo journal of their impressions