Mbadika – MLAB [Mbadika Laboratory]

Through MLAB, students will receive a uniquely, hands-on introduction to the product design and development process, including the critical skills and knowledge required to bring an idea, such as a commercial consumer product, to reality.

Students will work alongside career professionals to design and develop an alpha prototype of a consumer product for a retail client in order to put their newly acquired knowledge and skills to the test. In addition, students will work directly with local suppliers, manufacturers, and a client-retailer in order to develop and sell their commercial product.

Upon the completion of the program, the student will have an extensive knowledge of the product design and development process, documented through a digital design portfolio featuring a commercially available consumer product in order to showcase their knowledge and skills for college applications and future employment.

Our special programmatic approach is to ensure that students receive optimal opportunities to throw themselves into their learning through real-world engagement with the challenges individuals face in their desired career pathway. Whether that?s at Fenway Stadium or engaging with customers at Quincy Market, our emphasis on contextual learning has led to our program being a favorite amongst Boston Public School (BPS) students.